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Why Choose a Childminder ?

quote openRegistered Childminders offer flexible home-based childcare in a family environment rather than the more institutional environquote closement of a nursery

They are inspected regularly to ensure they meet or exceed The National Standards and are fully insured.

Childminders and family members aged 16+ are checked by the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau).

Small numbers of children with a childminder means each child can receive the individual care and attention that they need and children can thrive in a small group usually of two or three children – a ratio that nurseries can not hope to achieve.

Parents have the satisfaction of knowing that both they and their child will be forming a relationship with just one carer.

Recent research has shown that children benefit from care in a family style environment, where they can bond with a
regular caregiver.

Brothers and Sisters of all ages can be looked after together. Childminders can look after children from babies to
teenagers offering an unrivalled continuity of care.

More flexibility around meal times, sleep times and planned activities. Hours can also be far more flexible than those
of a nursery, especially valuable when parents work part-time or unusual hours.

All childminders are different, and parents can choose the one they find most suitable for themselves and their child.
Many parents prefer their children to be in the less institutionalised setting of a childminder’s home, rather than a

Childminders offer greater flexibility because they work at home. If you have unusual hours, special needs or irregular
work patterns, childminders are often the best option. Some childminders are registered to provide overnight care,
although this is not a service that I offer at this moment.

The Families, Children and Child Care study (FCCC) says that Childminders are the next best thing to being at home
with Mother. A Registered Childminder has the advantage of being able to offer good quality care for children in a
secure, loving, home environment.

Dr Penelope Leach, the NCMA president says:

“I believe that for babies and toddlers, childminding alone is probably the best kind of daycare we’ve yet dreamed up. It does
potentially better for children, families and for society.”

Should you wish to find out more about becoming a Registered Childminder, please download this document extracted from the Ofsted website.

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